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Dr. Karl Koerner

Date: 8/23/2019
Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Short Description: Oral Surgery for the General Dentist: Making It Easier, Faster, and More Predictable

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Lecture and workshop combination limited to 30 attendees. No refunds on cancellations less than 30 days prior. 50% refund if cancelled 30 to 60 days prior.

Lecture only 7 C.E. units core

Lunch included.

Lecture and workshop 12 C.E. units core

Lunch and brunch included.

Many extractions look easy but can soon become difficult, time consuming, and lead to problems. This course reviews the best techniques and instruments to remove “surgical” extractions easily and quickly while conserving bone. It makes exodontia more enjoyable and predictable so it can be performed with greater confidence and less stress. Dr. Koerner presents an algorithmic process that progresses “by the numbers” until the extraction is complete. If one thing doesn’t work, try the next one. It covers multiple extractions with alveoplasty and preventing complications such as sinus misadventures, excessive bleeding, and tuberosity fractures.

Learning Objectives:

  1. More easily do “surgical” or difficult extractions that are frequently encountered in general practice.
  2. Prevent and/or manage complications that can occur during or after dental extractions.
  3. More easily recognize problem cases that may need referral.
  4. Perform oral surgery more quickly and with less stress.
  5. Become more familiar with correct principles of third molar surgery.

Karl Koerner, DDS

Image of Karl Koerner

Dr. Koerner is an Associate Professor of Oral Surgery at Roseman University in Utah. He has presented hundreds of didactic and participation courses to GPs over the last 20 years. He has authored or co-authored four books on surgery, and has made several surgery DVDs with Dr. Gordon Christensen. He is a general dentist trained in the Army with a current practice of only oral surgery. Dr. Koerner is past president of the Utah Dental Association.

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